On this website you can browse and look around for all the safety shoes Bata Industrials New Zealand has to offer at this moment. If you would like a printable version of our catalogue, you can click the download button. Please consider the environment before printing.

Safety Gumboots

Synonymous with New Zealand industry safety gumboots have been relied upon for decades. From farmer to miner, from construction crew to fire crew, our gumboots have built a solid, performance based reputation in the toughest environments.

Deep Comfort

Inspired by nature’s own, this simple yet unique idea is taking comfort in safety footwear to the ultimate level. The Deep Comfort mushroom inserts are based on shapes provided to us by nature and act as nature intends them. The lamella absorption impact zones are the most effective means of increasing the ratio of surface are to surface mass, supplying ultimate impact distribution.


Feel the difference with lightweight polyurethane gumboots. These gumboots are heavy on features, yet light on your feet. Worklite PU gumboots provide outstanding comfort for the longest of working days.